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There are many ways to support SCITS, but the best by far is to let your voice be heard by attending the next public meeting on March 8 and by sharing your concerns to the Accommodation Review Committee, school board trustees and city councillors.  Contacts are available here.

In addition you can share this website.  If you would like to have your voice heard on here, we can add any submissions to the Community Presentations page.  Please email admin@savescits.ca

There is also a Save SCITS Facebook Page.   Please like the page for shareable updates, news and views.  There is a plan to print fliers and brochures to raise awareness, volunteers are ready.  If you care to donate towards printing costs there is a GoFundMe page here.

Every bit of community discussion helps.  Conversations with friends and family, letters to The Sarnia Observer or the Sarnia Journal, social media posts, and most importantly, direct communication with the elected officials making this decision.

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