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Accommodation Review Committee (ARC)

The first ARC public meeting was held at St. Clair on January 13.  The next is at SCITS on March 8.  Please attend if possible.  In the meantime, the committee is accepting questions and concerns via email.  Please let your voice be heard: arc@lkdsb.net

LKDSB School Board Trustee Contacts

The ultimate decision lies with the Lambton Kent District School Board Trustees.  They are elected officials.  If you are not pleased with the plan to close SCITS, please let them know via letter, email or phone call.   Any of those options will hold much more sway than social media posts.

Sarnia City Council Contacts

Though the decision is out of their hands, Sarnia City Council should be applying pressure to the school board to ensure a decision that best benefits the city.  It does not benefit Sarnia to have another rotting, abandoned building in the Downtown/South Sarnia area of the city.


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