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Due to declining enrollment and funding changes, the Lambton Kent District School Board(LKDSB) plans to consolidate the staff and students of Sarnia Collegiate Institute & Technical School (SCITS) and St. Clair Secondary School (St. Clair).

The LKDSB plans to close SCITS.

We believe this is the wrong decision for students, the LKDSB and for the city of Sarnia:

  1. Based on LKDSB numbers the financial savings appear to be a wash at best, and the plan to close SCITS could very well end up to be the more expensive option.
  2. Students and the community in general will lose the amenities offered exclusively at SCITS with no guarantee of similar amenities being built at St. Clair.
  3. This appears to be the wrong decision for the city of Sarnia, with the very real possibility of another boarded up building and abandoned city block in the Downtown/South Sarnia area.

In depth discussion of these issues and more can be found on the Issues & Arguments page.  LKDSB documents can be found on the Documents & Links page.  Explore ways to voice your opinon or support SCITS on the Contacts and Support SCITS pages.

For a great overview, here is Susan MacKenzie of Save SCITS on TV Cogeco:



  1. Susan MacKenzie says:

    My name is Susan MacKenzie. I have Ministry of Education regulation pertaining to the construction of an auditorium for a consolidated school. It reads as follows:
    “Through the School Consolidation Capital program (announced in August 2014) the ministry has capital funds that are marked to fund school consolidation proposals. School boards are required to submit a business case to the ministry supporting their consolidation proposal. Since the release of the community hubs report in August 2015 (titled Community Hubs in Ontario: A Strategic Framework and Action Plan) the ministry has also encouraged school boards to include community partners in their school consolidation capital requests. Constructing a new auditorium may be possible IF related to a community partner AND a school consolidation proposal.”
    This means the LKDSB has not presented their public information and plans in a transparent way. IF there is a community partner to financially back the auditorium construction at SCSS, the public should know. The LKDSB never had intentions to build an auditorium at SCSS because there is no such capital funding available unless a community partner backs the plan. This is scandalous!


  2. Keith Wyville says:

    I have heard some very good arguments put forward as to why SCITS should remain open. I have also seen some excellent suggestions made as to how this can happen. Is the LKDSB prepared to seriously consider any of these ideas? We don’t know. But, here is another idea they may want to consider. If the LKDSB is ultimately prepared to abandon our southend Sarnia neighbourhood by closing SCITS, perhaps we should be prepared to “abandon” the LKDSB by switching our school taxes to the Separate School Board?


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