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City of Sarnia – Community Impact Study

City Hall

The City of Sarnia has released their Community Impact study (available here).  It focuses both on issues the Lambton Kent District School Board has not addressed and issues they have addressed in reports.  However, in many ways the City of Sarnia’s study provides more information and greater clarity on LKDSB issues, in particular with the graphical representations and maps provided.

It seems to me as fair and balanced to each school as could be.   It also reaches many of the same conclusions Save SCITS supporters have been saying for months.


The full report is available on the City of Sarnia website here.  The first document contains the full report, the second contains the detailed maps and graphics, while the third contains public input received by the city.

It is well worth reading the whole report, for issues not addressed by the LKDSB or for a different perspective on some LKDSB issues such as school distance, busing, demographics.

Below is the full conclusion of the report.  (emphasis is added by me)


As directed by the City Council resolution, this report seeks to assess the impacts of the closure of either SCITS or SCSS on the surrounding areas from a land use perspective, with consideration given to the city’s structure as well as Official Plan policies related to community facilities, parks and open space, cultural vibrancy, walkability, the environment and public safety. Both sites were also evaluated in terms of their cultural heritage value, building conditions, accessibility, economic impact and redevelopment potential.

As discussed in this report, either school closure will likely have impacts on adjacent areas. However, on balance, staff is of the opinion that the St. Clair Secondary site offers greater opportunities for redevelopment, and if a closure were to occur, closing SCSS would appear to have less of an impact on its surroundings.

Conversely, SCITS is located in a designated mixed use area adjacent to some of the most vulnerable commercial and residential areas in the City. It has significant cultural heritage value and is better integrated with the surrounding community from land use, walkability, cultural vibrancy, and crime prevention perspectives. In the event of a closure, shutting another important socio-cultural community facility in this area may result in both short and long term impacts on the viability of the surrounding community.

Staff recommends that Council forward this report to the school board for inclusion in their final report as required under the school board’s pupil accommodation regulations.



  1. Anne says:

    For those who oppose keeping Scitts open you should take a walk through.…its such à beautiful school. …I wish my daughter’s had went there


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