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Comparison – Windsor’s John Campbell Public School

John Campbell


The historic SCITS building is an important part of Sarnia heritage and reflects the unique potential of Mitton Village and the downtown core. Imagine a school that combines the benefits of 21st century learning with nearly 100 years of Sarnia history. Numerous examples across Canada demonstrate that creative and cost effective solutions can be found to save historic school buildings.

One example is the renovation of John Campbell Public School in Windsor, ON. In 2010, the Greater Essex District School Board modernized the 1927 school building with the goal to “not only preserve a part of Windsor’s heritage, but to provide a pretty cool school for kids to attend”

The local architectural firm tasked with the renovations described the school as “an ideal example of how heritage requirements and sensitive design strategies yielded innovative learning solutions for both students and the community.

Recent renovations inside SCITS have shown that modern school facilities can be created in a century old building.  Information provided by the LKDSB does not create the case that SCSS is a more viable alternative then SCITS or that SCITS is ‘prohibitive to repair. (see Savings?)  It is time for the LKDSB and the elected trustees to amplify the importance of history and show leadership in the future of the community and the preservation of Sarnia’s oldest highschool.

As asked in the previous school comparison (see London’s Central Highschool), why are neighbouring school boards able and willing to renovate important heritage properties that are just as old as SCITS.  Why is Sarnia being held to a lesser standard?  

“A monument to the enterprise and progressive spirit of Sarnians.” was how SCITS was described by the local press upon its opening in 1922. This spirit lives on throughout the halls of SCITS today. For the LKDSB to ignore the nearly 100 years of community history at SCITS will be a disservice to students, past and present, and the city of Sarnia as a whole

More photos and info on John Campbell Public School in Windsor

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