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Save SCITS letters & submissions

Here is a collection of letters and submissions to Save SCITS:

Chris Burley – The LKDSB Chronicle 

Leslie Amlin – SCITS history, amenities and future

Linday Nethery – on SCITS amenities andcomparison with past board decisions

Nathan Colquhoun – #Save SCITS Is More Than A Financial Decision

Donna Stewart – city of Sarnia’s Community Impact Study provides another perspective

Susan MacKenzie – letter to Jim Costello, Director of Education, on flaws in LKDSB reports

Leslie McBeth – thoughts from a teacher on the educational value of the facilities at SCITS

Claudette Gasbarini – frustrations with the process and lack of common sense

Susan Mackenzie – letter to the Ontario Minister of Education

Kevin Forbes – on heritage school properties in London and Windsor

Lowell Bida – on the value of amalgamation and SCITS as a community anchor

Jane Merchant –  building on assets at SCITS and the community in general

Brad Cullis – Saving SCITS and issue for all of Sarnia

Kait Bida – a unique and powerful perspective on the SCITS community

Chelsea Thibould – perspective as a form SCITS & St. Clair student

Nancy Chateauneuf – the unique identity of SCITS

Cara Herbstreit – thoughts as a parent, taxpayer and former St. Clair student

Nancy Forbes-Murray – downtown, heritage and building quality views

Keith Wyville – Presentation to LKDSB

Chris Burley – SCITS amenities and lack of LKDSB discussion

Susan MacKenzie – closing SCITS is the more expensive option

Keith Wyville – bias, data and the school board

Emily VanAlstine – thoughts on SCITS history and facilities

Jim McCabe – details some SCITS history and concerns

Sandi Cee – impacts and alternatives


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  1. Paula Hardy says:

    Copy of my email to school board:

    My subject line is “An unusual SCITS supporter”. 

    Why? Because I’m not like the many supporters who loved the school. You may brush their opinions off as nostalgia for the good old days. I didn’t have good old days at SCITS. In fact, I often say the year I spent there was like the movie Carrie –  without the benefit of telekinetic powers. 

    However, even I realize the logic of keeping SCITS open. There have been many services taken from the original city core. The easternmost end of Sarnia does not need more services/traffic. It is neither logical nor cost efficient to close to an existing school (which is beautiful and has a pool and auditorium), only to spend money to upgrade another school which will become an overcrowded eyesore.  Schools do not need to be filled to capacity to be viable. 

    Most of my family is still in Sarnia. I now live in Edmonton and have the benefit of distance and perspective when looking at this issue. I see Sarnia making one bad decision after another.  Closing SCITS will move Sarnia one step closer to becoming a ghost town. Please add my name to the list of people who do not agree to the closure of SCITS.


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