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Presentations to ARC & LKDSB


Presentation by K Wyville to the ARC – March 8

Presentation by N Forbes-Murray  – March 8

Presentation by E Woods-McDonald – March 8

Presentation by K Forbes to the ARC – March 8

Presentation by S. Mackenzie to the ARC – March 8

Presentation by J. George to the ARC – March 8

Presentation by Keith Wyville to the LKDSB

Presentation by J.George to the ARC – Jan. 13

Presentation By S.MacKenzie to the ARC – Jan. 13


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  1. Ashlea says:

    I went to scits and loved it. My whole family line has. Myself, my brother, My mother, her sister, my grandmother her 8 brothers and sisters, their parents and great aunts and uncles. I met some of my greatest friends there. I even met the father of my son there on the steps leading to the front doors. I have so many amazing memories from there. If I didn’t attend that school my wonderful 9 year old son would not be here. My mom met my father there by the old pool. My grandparents met by the gym. So without scits I wouldn’t be here. My kids wouldn’t be here. Scits has been here for almost 100 years it’s been a part of sarnia. A big part of me to. Scits also provides the businesses around the area with kids for lunch and such. Even Bayside mall gets buisness because of the scits students. Bayside mall would loose 80% of their business by closing down scits. There’d be no students to eat lunches. My son is only 9 and already deciding which highshool he’d like to attend he’s written so many pros and cons of each of our secondary schools here in sarnia and surrounding areas a friend of mine owns a restaurant on mitton beside 7-11 and he says a lot of his business comes from the scits students . He said Monday thru Friday his business triples from all of the students who go there for lunch. Without scits a lot of them businesses might not make it to much longer. I think they should incorporate the grades 7 and 8 into the high school and honestly if they did that it would even benefit the public schools because as it stands p e mcgibbon is over packed there’s far to many students which is causing less one on one for students. My son attended colonel Cameron before p e mcgibbon and his grades were amazing and now being at a school that has jammed 3 other school all in to one his grades have dramatically changed. The school has far to many kids so moving the grades 7 and 8 into the highshool would not only help with the student increase at scits but it would also help downsize the public schools so students can get the attention and education they need and deserve. Please consider it atleast. The council has to remember that this decision shapes the future generation and what and who they will become. With less students per class kids can actually get the education they need.


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